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We are all about making disciples who leave the comfort zone of the church building and make disciples in their world. We accomplish this through teaching in church gatherings, conferences, breakfasts, retreats, out in the streets, and this web site. If you like what you see and hear, invite us to help you make disciples who impact the world and make other disciples who impact the world! 

Congratulations on accepting Jesus as your Savior or recommitting your life to Him. This is a great day; a day that will affect the remainder of your life here on earth and for all of eternity.


You are now born-again, meaning that your spirit, that was born dead, is now alive and connected to God through the Holy Spirit. You can now communicate with God and hear from Him. He is your heavenly Father. He loves you and has a good plan for your life.


That said, you still live in a sinful, fallen world, that is filled with evil and bad and it is true that bad things can happen to good/born-again people. Jesus said that there would be tribulation, but to take heart, as He has overcome the world. In other words, even though you are born again, there will still be tough times, but you are no longer alone, as Jesus said He would never leave you, nor forsake you. He is always with you!

The Bible says that you are now a new creation, but you probably won't feel much different than you did before. This new creation, refers to your spirit, which has been re-born or re-newed. However, you still have a soul (mind, will, and emotions) and a body that are all sinful by nature. Until the day you die, you will experience a tug-of-war between your spirit that is directed by the Holy Spirit and your soul and body. Your spirit will guide you toward things of God and your soul and body will guide you toward worldly destruction. Over time, you will learn to live and walk by the spirit, rather than by the flesh (soul and body directed).

Here are some steps that will help you walk out this new life and become a TrueDiscple:

1. Study the Bible - it is the Word of God. Although it was written by men, it was all inspired by God for instruction (how to live this new life), conviction (of the bad things your soul and body lead you to think about or do), correction (recognizing what is of the spirit and what is of this world), and training (to become a TrueDisciple and go out and make other TrueDisciples.

There are many types of Bibles. We recommend either the New Living Translation or the New Internatation Version and the Life Application Bible. You can find this Bible at your local Christian bookstore or by clicking HERE. Once you have your Bible, start in Matthew and read through Acts. This will give you four accounts of the life of Jesus and how the new Christian church was launched, after His death and resurrection.

Schedule time early each morning, before you go to work or before the kids get up, to study the Bible. Ask God to help you understand and apply what you are reading. Read for at least 15 minutes each day and go slow, giving God time to teach you.

We also recommend finding another person or group of people to study with. This will keep you accountable to daily study and give you others to ask questions.

2. Gather - the Bible tells us to not forsake the gathering of believers. All people who are born-again are also referred to as believers (in Jesus) and we are to gather together to worship God, study His Word, fellowship with other believers, and pray. This is most commonly called church, but contrary to what you will often hear, the church is all of us, not the building. You actually can't go to church, because Jesus said that you and all other believers are the church. Everywhere you go is church - home, work, the movies, restaurants, and anywhere else you go.


So, find a group of believers who meet weekly to worship God, study the Bible, fellowship, live life together, and pray. Ask God to lead you to the right group, then continue attending gatherings in different locations, until you find the one that feels like home and is confirmed in your spirit by God (you'll know it's the right place by the peace you feel).

3. Pray - this is nothing more than talking with God. Now, at first, this will feel a little weird, because you can't see God, but He's always there listening and talking. You probably won't hear God speak in an audible voice, rather He will speak through His Word (the Bible) and through your thoughts. 

That said, there are others who will try to influence your thoughts - satan/the devil and his fallen angels (often referred to as demons). You also cannot see them, as they are spiritual beings. The good news is that they can't harm you. All they can do is try to influence your thoughts to get you to make bad decisions. So, here is a good way to distinguish the voices. If what you are hearing will lead you toward God, then that is obviously God. If the voices are leading you away from God and into worldly things that might appear good, but will eventually harm you, that's the demonic folks.

God and satan can also use other people - family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to try to influence you. Again, God wants what is good for you and the demonic spirits want to destroy you. So, if what you are hearing is worldly advice, not the Bible, reject it. The Bible says to take every thought captive and submit it to Jesus. So, when you hear something, stop, submit it to Jesus in prayer and only move forward when you know it's God's direction.

4. Grow - many born-again people get stuck just sitting in gatherings each week and never truly grow. They are on their way to heaven, but missing out on the work God has for them here on earth and the accompanying blessings. Make a commitment right now that you will keep growing. Attend classes offered by the church and ministries. Be a part of a regular Bible study group. Go on local or international mission trips. Volunteer to help the poor, homeless, and hungry in your community. Go and be the hands, feet, ears, and mouth of Jesus to those around you. Also, make sure you are connected and following this TRUEDISCIPLE site, as it will definitely help you grow.

5. Go - Jesus said to go and preach the gospel (the good news about salvation through Jesus) to all the world and to make other disciples (followers/students of Jesus). Again, don't get stuck sitting in a chair each week, getting spiritually obese on the Word of God. Start sharing the gospel with your family people at work, in social situations, and anywhere you find yourself. Many people around you are on path to spending all of eternity being tortured in hell. You don't want that to happen, so tell them about Jesus and what He's done in your life (your testimony). It's good news, but some will not immediately be receptive. That's okay. You've planted a seed that God can now grow. You might have to water it every once in awhile by checking in with them. Your job is not to get them saved (born-again), that's God's job. Your's is just to share the good news of Jesus with everyone you meet.

You are on a great and satisfying path that will lead you to an amazing life here on earth and an even more amazing life in heaven with God and all other believers for all of eternity. One day, you will step from this physical body into an eternal spirital body and hopefully (if you have been faithful with the five steps) you will hear God say, "Well done good and faithful servant!"

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