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Faith vs Fear

We are in the craziest time I've seen in my 65 years on earth. Political and social unrest, violence and lawlessness, and a worldwide plague. The fear mongering media would have all Christians operating in fear, instead of faith. This is exactly what the enemy wants. The question is which way will you go: faith or fear?

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear. The enemy tries to do this by having you watch the news, look at social media, and listen to others who are championing fear. Satan has no power over you except if you receive his lies. Adam and Eve did that in the garden and the devil has been using the same trick for thousands of years. The problem is that we are still gullible and falling for it.

There is no doubt that when we look at our world with our physical eyes or listen with our physical ears, that there is plenty to be fearful about. But, as true disciples of Jesus Christ we are not to live by sight or by our emotions. We are to live by faith.

The kind of fear we are talking about here is an illusion. We can look at is as an acrostic:

F = False

E = Expectations

A = Appearing

R = Feal

By receiving satan's lies, we begin to build up a worse case scenario in our mind. The reality is that none of it is true. By using faith, we can instead build a best case scenario, particularly when we know that our all powerful God, the Creator of the Universe is in the middle of everything and He has a good plan for us.

Our job is to take every thought captive and submit it to Christ. If it doesn't line up with the Bible and God's promises, then reject it. Daily transform your mind by filling it with the Word of God. Faith comes from hearing the Word, so switch from the news and social media to the Bible and build your faith daily!


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