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From Comfort Zone to Kingdom Zone

The disciples were just average people like most of us. They weren’t among the elite in their society, so they didn’t receive the special treatment and training under a Rabbi. Rather, they chose trades or perhaps entered family businesses. We know that Peter, Andrew, John and James were fishermen. Matthew was a tax collector. The rest, we don’t know what they did, but we can make a strong assumption, that Jesus wasn’t picking the cream of the crop. He wasn’t seeking out Bible scholars and teachers of the time. He was just looking for those who would follow Him.

It’s really no different today. Jesus is still looking for those who will follow Him. He wants those who will put aside seeking fame, fortune, and personal agendas to serve others in love. Jesus was willing to give up His will in favor of the Father’s will and now He’s searching for people who will do the same thing. People who will pick up their cross (self-sacrifice) and follow Jesus.

The disciples went from what they were comfortable doing, to something that wasn’t comfortable, but had eternal impact. They moved from their comfort zone to the Kingdom zone. They walked from natural life to supernatural life. They went from catching fish, hanging with the family, watching a little TV, maybe playing some video games, to introducing people to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They went from every day activities to preaching, healing, and delivering. The went from living in the world to changing their world.

Jesus is looking for true disciples who will get out of their comfort zone and enter into the Kingdom zone. Are you ready?

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