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The Gift of A Radical YES!

As we approach Christmas tomorrow, I felt that the Lord wanted me to talk about the gift of a radical yes. We’ve all heard the Christmas story over and over, but do we ever really think about the people involved and the decisions they had to make? I'd like you to read the following scriptures that present the Christmas story. As you are doing so, study the characters and how they responded. Matthew 1:18-25 Luke 1:26-38 Luke 2:1-20 Matthew 2:1-12 There were a lot of radical yes’ necessary in order for the Christmas story to occur. Let’s look briefly at them:

  1. The Word, who created everything in the physical realm, subjugated himself to the Father by saying yes to becoming the Son and then confining himself in the flesh and blood body of a baby, totally dependent on his parents, Mary and Joseph.

  2. Mary said yes to a pregnancy out of wedlock, which would ruin her reputation and the reputation of her family, ruin her marriage plans, and possibly cause the village people to stone her to death.

  3. Joseph said yes to accept Mary as his wife and put up with the ridicule and shame. Plus the responsibility of raising the Son of God!

  4. Mary said yes to traveling to Bethlehem (about an 80 mile journey on a donkey) with Joseph when she was probably 8-1/2 months pregnant.

  5. Joseph and Mary said yes to having their baby in a room where the animals were kept at night. Probably a cave of sorts.

  6. The Shepherds said yes to leaving their flocks to go see the baby the angel spoke with them about.

  7. The Magi said yes to traveling a long distance based on prophecy about the coming king and a star that showed them the way. They also said yes to bringing expensive gifts for the baby king.

As we wrap up the strangest year of my lifetime, God is reminding us that He sent the radical gift of His son, to be born and die for our sins, so we can have eternal relationship with Him.

If you’ve never accepted Jesus as your Savior, now is a great time to do it. That is a radical yes in itself.

If you are already a follower or disciple of Jesus, then you have the opportunity to give to God the gift of your radical yes.

The radical yes to share your testimony with those around you, lead people to the Lord and then disciple them. Christmas is a great time for that.

The radical yes to be a giver in every aspect of your life. Give your time to others. Give your money to the church and those in need. Give your talents to help others.

Invest some time today to pray and ask God what gift of radical yes He would ask of you. Then do it!


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