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The Great Deception

I've been thinking about the "great deception" and how it has hindered the growth of God's Kingdom. It's what derailed Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, King David, Peter, Paul, and so many of God's children through the millennia. Can you guess what it is?

It's when we get convinced that we have a better plan than God's. Now, your first reaction might be that you would never do that. Yet, we've all done it. God tells us to study His Word, but we spend more time on other worldly activities. He tells us to go and preach the gospel to all creation, but we talk about the news, Covid, politics, sports, and so on. God tells us to go and make disciples and yet most Christians have never made even one disciple. God tells us to tithe and give and yet we spend our money on our own wants. Do you resemble any of this? I sure do!

It's the great deception, and it snags all of us at one time or another and some may be living in the valley of deception. It's time to get out. It's time to arise and go to do what God tells us to do. His plan is WAY BETTER than our plan. How about starting this week to do some of the things that God has told you to do? You'll be glad you did.


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