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What If?

What if the church was truly doing its job in our communities? What if, instead of putting on our church masks each Sunday and acting like life is perfect, we were honest with each other? What if we walked in obedience to the Lord and signs and wonders did follow the preaching of the Word of God?

What if those in the church who were financially blessed got together and helped those who were struggling, so that there wasn’t any lack in the body of Christ? Then, what if the church looked into the community and took on the community issues like hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and kids aging out of foster care? If every church body, in every city, in every state began doing its job, our country would healthy, happy, and prosperous.

I know this sounds like an impossibility, but it’s what God envisioned when He sent His only Son to earth – life abundant and we know that nothing is impossible with God. He just needs some true disciples to believe and walk in faith. Can God count on you? Then tell Him.

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