TRue DIsciple School

Rod Nichols was dramatically impacted by a training class many years ago. It moved him from a typical church attender to the true disciple he is today. Rod has always wanted to do the same for others and the new True Disciple School (TDS) is how he will accomplish this. TDS is your chance to learn from and be mentored by Rod Nichols, while interacting with other true disciples. This school will dramatically change your life for the better. Your relationship with the Lord will be deeper and richer. You will easily and boldly proclaim the good news of salvation and lead people to Jesus. You will then make disciples who make disciples.

Coming SOON

  • Live or virtual classes with Rod Nichols and other great teachers

  • Training manual to take notes

  • True Disciple Journal to keep track of what you are hearing from the Lord

  • Personal mentoring by Rod Nichols and other true disciples

  • Private Facebook community with other true disciples

  • Private email list with messages from Rod Nichols and other true disciples

  • Advance notice of new books and classes

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