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He Didn't Have to Come!

Today I was thinking about how amazing it is that the Son of God decided to come to earth and live as one of us. Do you ever think about that? It's hard to come up with a comparison, but do you love dogs or cats to become one of them? Perhaps a better comparison would be spiders and snakes and flies, because at the time He decided to come to earth, we were God's enemies.

Do you ever think about the sacrifice that He made? Not just what He did on the cross, which of course, is amazing, but the eternal sacrifice He made? The Son was with the Father and Holy Spirit from before time. They enjoyed a loving community. Then they decided to create some god-like beings to have relationship with. This required the creation of a very precise and intricate universe and a planet with all the correct elements to support human life. The final touch to their masterpiece was the creation of man and woman in Their image.

Adam and Eve lived in paradise and had intimate relationship with God. Then, they chose to listen to the lies of satan and went their own way, rather than God's way. All of us have done this and many continue in this rebellious life. We messed up God's perfect plan and He had the right to either leave us to our misery or completely destroy all human kind, which He came close to doing during the great flood of Noah's days.

For some reason, in with our sinful rebellious nature, God loved us so much that He decided to come to earth to become one of us. Now, we have to get this picture solidly in our mind. This is God, who is omnipresent (in all places at all times), omniscient (knows everything at all times), and omnipotent (all powerful at all times). He is a Spirit being that has no confinement and He lives in a perfect heaven.

This same God decided to be born a human being. To set aside all of His godly attributes and be confined to a flesh and blood body. I'm sure He could have materialized himself as a full-grown man, but instead He chose to be born of a woman, a helpless child. Here is almighty God, needing human parents to feed and change Him. He had to grow in stature and wisdom, as all humans do. He had to develop His own relationship with the Father by reading the scriptures. He had to be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit, as we do. He was tempted in every way, as we are. He lived a full blown human life.

Then, He did something unimaginable. He was willing to give up His life in exchange for all of us. It was as if we were all living in a maximum security prison, on death row, awaiting execution and in walked Jesus to take our place and let us go free. WOW! Would you do that for another person? Perhaps you would for your spouse or children or parents or siblings, but would you do it for a terrorist, rapist, child molester? Because, that's what Jesus did. He didn't die for just the good people, because none of us are good. He died for all of us, so that we could be restored in relationship to God, as it was in the beginning.

Now, here is where it gets completely amazing. Because God, the Son gave up His godly attributes (Ephesians 2:7) to take on a human body and He died and was resurrected in that body (1 Corinthians 15:4-6), He was the first of many brothers to enter heaven (Romans 8:29), which means that Jesus, the Son of God, is still in the same type of glorified human body that we will have in heaven. WOW! What an amazing sacrifice! AND He didn't have to come to earth. He chose to come to earth, because He loves us. He loves you!

If you know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, one day you too will enjoy heaven in a glorified human body. If you don't know Jesus yet, now is as good a time as any. Go to the front page of www.TrueDisciple.Info and click on the box that reads, The Message. Watch that short video and then make your eternal choice.

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