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Let's get f.a.t.

In this post, I want to talk about getting F.A.T.

I can hear you say . . . what? Everyone else is talking about how to get thin.

Okay, I’m not talking about a fat body, I’m talking about a fat spiritual life. FAT is an acrostic:

F = Faithful

A = Available

T = Teachable

Let’s look at each of those, how they apply to being a true disciple of Jesus Christ and how they lead to the abundant life.

F = Faithful

When we messed it up in the garden of Eden, God was faithful to give us the ten commandments and the sacrificial system.

When we messed that up, He was faithful and sent His only Son to die for our sins.

The Son was faithful to leave the glories of heaven, set aside His godly attributes, and confine Himself to the flesh and blood body of a baby. He then lived a normal human life, was baptized and received the Holy Spirit, ministered on earth for 3 years, and then died a gruesome death for all of us.

God has been faithful to us, so we should return the favor and be faithful to Him.

Faithful to read, study, meditate in, and memorize His Word – the Bible.

Faithful to pray and have conversation with Him every day.

Faithful to serve in the Kingdom – both inside the church building and out in our community.

Faithful to give our tithes and offerings to support Kingdom building work.

Faithful to the poor, homeless, orphans, widows, and those who have other needs.

Our faithfulness, combined with His faithfulness results in an abundant life.

A = Available

It’s easy to get overly busy in this world and miss out on what God has for us. We need to make ourselves available for His plan (rather than asking Him to bless our plan).

If you are married and you devoted a couple hours a week to your spouse, how good would your marriage be? Not good.

Yet, we think we can go to a church service once a week and we’re good to go with our relationship with Jesus.

Go into your schedule and cut some non-essentials out – TV, internet, social media, gaming, etc. Replace that time with Bible study and prayer, so you can hear from God.

Also, make yourself available to serve. Jesus said that those who served would be first in the Kingdom of God. Plus, it’s so rewarding to serve others.

T = Teachable

No matter how old or successful we are, we need to be teachable.

There are angels that fly around God continuously saying Holy, Holy, Holy. That’s because each time around they see a new facet of God. They’ve been doing that since the beginning of time. We have a lot of catching up to do.

A disciple is a student or a master. We are students of THE Master. We need to be good students – learning from His Word, sermons, classes, seminars, conferences, and Life groups. We should all be life-long students, because there is more to learn than we have time for.

So, it’s time to get FAT. Are you in?

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